To dear innovative pharmaceutical manufacturers
We, at Sanyo, invite outsourcings from you. We have much to be proud of discovering, developing and manufacturing innovative API.
In April, 2005, the Pharmaceutical Law was reformed aiming at Japan/United States/European Union threesome having uniform standards with regulations governing pharmaceutical products. We, responding thereto, have upgraded and established new quality control system which further ensures sustaining our identity's prime quality. On the hard side, we have cGMP-adaptable plants which can clear otherwise difficult GMP inspection standards of USA and EU. Not hard side alone, we are always striving to answer your changing needs on the soft side as well. Please feel free to come to us for at once solutions.
Once we get your inquiries or offers, we shall enter into mutual dialogue about manufacturing method, standards, quantity, and what not. We guarantee to protect privacy policy of keeping all information strictly confidential and we shall submit to you our estimate with an on-demand written "Privacy Policy" Agreement.
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