To dear fine chemical manufacturers
We, at Sanyo, invite outsourcings from you. We have much to be proud of discovering, developing and manufacturing innovative API.
We, Sanyo, dedicate ourselves, with pioneering spirit, to identifying new API discovery paradigms with the potential to transform the efficiency and productivity of API discovery. We invite outsourcings from you. Since the establishment of our company back in 1968, the fundamental guideline of our business has always been the manufacturing of chemical compound. We are an evolving company in a changing world.
We had started with test medicines. We have since grown to a specialty chemical company, to a diversified manufacturing firm. Now manufacturing of API and agents, which we all self-develop and manufacture by ourselves, is a key pillar of our business. Our Osaka Headquarter 300 - 500L type small-sized multi-purpose plant, and 600 - 4000L type with reaction caldrons and centrifugal separators, and Toyama plant are capable of coping with smaller lot and diverse range. We brag, among other things, "express delivery service", an important factor of pleasing our customers. This express delivery service is made possible due to the following reasons:

(1) our expertise technologies accumulated over 30 years
(2) our business performance stance of "always with mobility and flexibility"
(3) very strict quality control based on the excellence we achieved in many years
(4) All our products are made at our own factories domestically here in Japan.

Please feel free to come to us with your inquiries. We shall provide you with solutions and submit to you our estimate. We protect privacy policy with an on-demand written agreement.
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