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This website ( is administered by SANYO CHEMICAL LABORATORIES CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "We"). Visitors are requested to read the Terms provided on this page prior to using this site. You may use this website only when you agree with the Terms. Please note that the Terms may be updated without notice.
We do not guarantee the correctness, validity, safety or any other conditions of the contents of this website despite all reasonable care that we have taken to provide the information posted. The information on the website was accurate as of the date it was posted and may be inconsistent with the actual state of affairs as circumstances change.
Privacy Policy
We will properly handle and manage personal information following the policies below.
[Personal information collection]
We may ask our customers to provide personal information in the following circumstances.
•Document requests or questions on our services
•To answer questionnaires
The intended purpose will be described prior to requesting provision of any personal information.
[Use of personal information]
The use of the personal information provided will be limited to the purpose stated when it was obtained, and for legitimate purpose such as to develop better products or to improve the level of our services.
[Protection and management of personal information]
We are committed to ensuring appropriate management of the personal information by assigning responsible person(s) in each organization which handles personal information.
[Disclosure of personal information to third parties]
We will not provide or disclose any personal information to third parties unless prior consent is obtained from the customer(s), used for outsourcing purpose or justified by a legitimate reason.
[Use of cookies]
Cookies may be used on this site to enhance provided information or services and to facilitate the use of the site. Cookies will not be used to acquire any information that allows us to identify any individual, unless prior consent is obtained from the customer(s).
Copyright Policy
Any information provided on this website is in principle the copyright of SANYO CHEMICAL LABORATORIES CO., LTD.
Use of the information (including reproduction, alteration, distribution, etc.) is prohibited without obtaining our prior permission, other than for personal use only or any acceptable conditions permitted by the copyright law.
Linking Policy
You may not link to our website without prior permission. Please contact here if you are interested in linking to this site. Receiving no reply from us does not imply our permission for linking.
Links to websites described below and those that may fall under the description are NOT acceptable.
•Links from websites which are against public policy or may impair our public trust or dignity.
•Links from websites with defamatory statements against Bridgestone KBG Co., Ltd., our affiliate companies or the employees and executives.
•Links which may incur the misunderstanding that they have a partnership or collaborative or supportive relationship with us.
•Links which may incur misunderstanding about the source of the information, e.g., framed links.
We do not guarantee any contents of the linked websites.
Applicable Law
The use of this site and the operation of these Terms shall be subject to Japanese domestic law unless otherwise specified.

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