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Corporate Organization Chart
President Masamitsu Marumo
We, Sanyo Chemical Laboratories, have been devoting ourselves entirely to chemical synthesis including manufacturing of generic medicines since our company was established in 1968. By taking advantage of in-house Reasearch and Development and in-house manufacturing, all of us grapple with our manufacturing in order to supply steady you with our safe and high-quality products.From now on, as they expect that generic medicines would become more usual,we will give priority to ''high-quality'' and ''speed'' and we aim to become a leading company in this industry.
Corporate Headquarter
/Osaka Plant
148-1, Tajii, Mihara-ku, Sakai-shi Osaka Pref., 587-0012, Japan TEL:(072)361-6633 FAX:(072)362-0670
Toyama Plant 1-5-1, Yasuuchi, Yatsuo-machi, Toyama-shi, Toyama ., 939-2366, Japan TEL:(076)454-2307 FAX:(076)454-2308
Senboku Plant 1-1-17, Niihama, Tadaoka-cho, Senboku-gun, Osaka Pref., 595-0814, Japan TEL:(072)423-6611 FAX:(072)423-6088
Established December .17, 1971
Capital J.Yen 48,000,000
President Masamitsu Marumo
Businesses Manufacturing, sales, and marketing of generic pharmaceutics and agents, plus, compounding of other items outsourced.
Number of employees 145
Site area of Osaka Plant 2,742.41m²
Total floor area of
Osaka Plant
Site area of
Toyama Plant
Total floor area of
Toyama Plant
Site area of
Senboku Plant
Total floor area of
Senboku Plant
Corporate History
January,1968 The company is established as a private company to produce special reagents at Hoshigaoka, Hirakata-shi, Osaka.
April,1971 Move to the present address of the Osaka plant due to the business expansion.
December,1971 Incorporated as SANYO CHEMICAL LABORATORIES CO., LTD.
December,1982 Obtain a license for manufacturing of drugs. Start the commercial production of "Diclofenac sodium", an anti-inflammatory agent. Switch our main business to the manufacturing of APIs.
October,1986 Start the operation of the Toyama Plant.
June,2008 Renewal of Head office and QC laboratories in the Osaka Plant.
July,2008 An automated warehouse is constructed in the Toyama Plant.
September,2010 Completion of the 2nd refining building in the Toyama plant.
October,2011 Completion of the 2nd building for synthesis in the Toyama plant.
February,2014 The Senboku plant starts operation. Completion of the R&D laboratory in the Senboku plant.
August,2015 The construction of the synthesis building and refining building of Senboku plant was completed.
March,2016 Completion of a building for the production of Highly Potent APIs in the Senboku Plant.
December,2021 An automated warehouse is constructed in the Senboku Plant.
April,2022 Construction of the 3rd building for synthesis in the Toyama plant is completed.